Chapter 1: Getting Started


Thank you for choosing UMLServer -- a companion product for the UMLStudio CASE tool. UMLServer is provided for FREE and will operate unrestricted provided you have a UMLStudio license with a quantity of at least 4. Otherwise, UMLServer will not allow you to check in/out projects that are greater than than 5K.

Please take a moment to read the License Agreement, if you havenít done so already.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please contact Pragsoft Corporation via email:

We continually enhance our products and make new releases. Please visit our web site,, to download new releases as they become available. Licensed users will be automatically informed via email of new releases.

What is a UMLServer?

UMLServer is a visible (i.e., GUI-based) server that allows:

As a UMLStudio user, you can either work in stand-alone mode or in shared mode.

To work in stand-alone mode you don't need UMLServer. This mode is suitable for small teams, where no more than a handful of people work on the same UML project. To preserve the integrity of the project, care must be taken to ensure that no two individuals edit the same poject concurrently. This can be enforced through the use of a third-party version control software (e.g., SourceSafe) whereby a UMLStudio project is locked while being edited by an individual so that no other user can make changes to it. If the whole team is in one place (e.g., the same open area) then this is manageable, as the project members can communicate verbally and directly to ensure timely access to the UML project.

In larger projects, the stand-alone mode can turn into a bottle-neck and slow down the modelling effort. UMLServer overcomes this problem by allowing UMLStudio users shared access to the same project. This approach is somewhat similar to that used by Version Control tools, except that there is no locking involved. Two or more users can concurrently work on the same project. To do this, each user gets a copy of the project from the UMLServer repository and edits that copy. When a user checks in their edited copy of that project, UMLServer merges the changes made by that user with the ones made by other users who have already checked-in their copies.

UMLServer maintains version information for each user's modifications to a project, so that all earlier versions can be retrieved.

What You Can Do with UMLServer

The following is a summary of UMLServerís key features:

Installing UMLServer

UMLServer is a Microsoft Windows application (works with any 32bit version of Windows).

UMLServer has very modest memory and disk space requirements. If you have sufficient memory for Windows to operate comfortably, then this will be more than adequate for UMLServer.

To install UMLServer on your PC, run the installation executable, and follow the Setup instruction steps.

If you intend to use the repository feature of UMLServer, you must also install a compatible copy of UMLStudio on the same box (UMLServer will need this to merge projects in the repository).

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