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POMS is a complete solution for running an efficient project office. It provides a multi-user environment for creating and managing projects. POMS can deliver substantial productivity gains in your projects by fully integrating a variety of tasks that you'd normally perform using multiple disparate software products that lack integration. These tasks include:

POMS stores all its information in a central repository and provides user access to the information in a distributed computing environment. POMS gives you considerable flexibility in the way you deploy it in your environment, ranging from simple standalone to load-balanced four-tier client-server. In all cases (even when deployed over the Internet), POMS delivers exactly the same graphical user interface. This user interface is not browser-based, but rather is a superior native user interface, of the kind you're used to seeing on your desktop. The user interface is much more responsive and intuitive than browser-based interfaces.

Unique Architecture

POMS is a pure Java application. As such, it is platform independent.

The architecture of the application is unique, in that it utilizes a dynamic client that boots itself from the application server. The most important benefit of this architecture is ease of maintenance. Imagine that you have installed a POMS server and provided 100 users with POMS client to access the system. When a new release of POMS becomes available later on, and you wish to install it, all that you have to do is to install the new server software. None of the clients will require upgrading, because they will automatically upgrade themselves against the new server next time users login. This eliminates the burden of upgrading individual client installations -- a time-consuming and error-prone process that has frustrated users of competitor applications for decades!

POMS can be deployed as standalone, 2-tier, 3-tier, or 4-tier client-server. The 4-tier client-server model (illustrated below) delivers exceptional performance, scalability, and security.

Flexible Licensing

When you download POMS from our web site and install it, you can run it as freeware. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate the product functionality without buying a license. In freeware mode, however, the following restrictions apply: These restrictions are removed once you purchase a valid license.

For organizations that wish to evaluate the product without any restrictions, we offer a free 30-day evaluation license. You can request this by sending an email to sales@pragsoft.com. This offer is only available to organizations (such as companies, universities, government departments), but not private individuals.

POMS software licenses are floating: a multi-user license (of quantity n) allows up to n concurrent users to access the system. User n+1 is barred access until one of the connected users logs out of POMS.

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