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Part No. Product Quantity $Unit Cost $Total
UMLS-CL UMLStudio Commercial License US$ 600.00
UMLS-CUL UMLStudio Commercial License Upgrade to 8.0 US$ 200.00
UMLS-PL UMLStudio Private License US$ 300.00
UMLS-PUL UMLStudio Private License Upgrade to 8.0 US$ 100.00
UMLS-EL UMLStudio Educational License US$ 150.00
UMLS-EUL UMLStudio Educational License Upgrade to 8.0 US$ 50.00
UMLV UMLServer (requires 4+ UMLStudio licenses) FREE
POMS-CL POMS Commercial License US$ 600.00
POMS-PL POMS Private License US$ 300.00
POMS-EL POMS Educational License US$ 150.00
Grand Total US$:

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Please note that we do not physically ship software. We only supply our products via the internet. When you purchase a license, we email you a serial number and a key code, which will unlock the freeware you’ve downloaded into a full registered version.

Please allow 24 hours for your order to be processed.

License Types

Each product license entitles you to use the product on a single computer. We offer three license types:

  • A commercial license is for commercial, profit-oriented use. If you work in a commercial organization (e.g., a software house or a consulting firm) or you intend to use our product to develop and sell products or to offer paid services, you should choose this license type.

  • A private license is for non-profit use only. If you work in any organization that does not engage in commercial activities (e.g., a charity organization or a government department) or you intend to use our product for personal (but non-profit) purposes, you should choose this license type.

  • An educational license is for educational use only. If you’re a student or a staff member of a university or college, you should choose this license type.
All UMLStudio licenses can be deployed standalone or floating (using UMLServer, if 4 or more UMLStudio licenses are purchased). All POMS licenses are floating regardless of the quantity or how it is deployed (standalone, 2-tier, 3-tier, or 4-tier client-server). Floating licenses allow you to share your licenses by many users. Licenses are not node locked to a specific machine.

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