JavaGram 4 (Build 751)
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JavaGram is a new technology specifically designed to support agile development. As a language, it shares many of Java's features - syntax, platform independence, strong type checking, object orientation, and garbage collection - but also offers capabilities that make it a much easier-to-use and productive platform, such as declarative programming, automatic remoting, asynchronous method invocation, and dynamic loading.

JavaGram enables you to deploy a standalone or multi-tier client-server application from a single code base, allowing you to run your client in an Internet browser as well as a native desktop application. It manages the underlying complexities of distributed applications for you so that you can focus on what matters most: implementing business functionality. Furthermore, time consuming activities such as application maintenance and patching are significantly simplified through a server-centric release process that automatically updates all dependent deployment points.

The technology is simple and easy to learn; yet the benefits are overwhelming - up to an order of magnitude gain in productivity and robustness when compared to conventional technologies. JavaGram comes with a fully Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called JADE that makes application development a breeze.

UMLStudio 8.0 (Build 840)
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UMLStudio is a widely-used UML modeling tool. Its features include:
  • Industry standard notations: UML, Booch, Structured, etc.
  • Extensive support for UML 2.1 in UMLStudio 8.0.
  • Support for Java, JavaGram, C++, C#, IDL, PHP, Ada 95, Forte
  • Template-based, user-defined notation support
  • Script-driven code/document generation and reverse engineering
  • Fastest reverse engineering capability in the market
  • User-defined symbol libraries and design patterns
  • Support for popular image formats: bitmap, JPEG, PNG
  • Capable of handling very large models (tens of thousands of classes)
Here is a small sample of what our clients say about UMLStudio:
  • "UMLStudio appears to be the most useful piece of software I've seen since a long time - and I've seen a lot. This product is so versatile and flexible, lean, mean and a must-have for any engaged software-developer" (Klaus Zerbe, Germany)

  • "I've been evaluating your product, UML Studio. I am really impressed with what it can do, even in comparison to the high end (and high price) products like Rational Rose" (Blake Thurston, USA)

  • "I just tried several UML products (including Rose, Rhapsody, Prosa, Magic Draw, With Class) and I just have to say that your product is honestly the best. It is lightweight, customizable and easy to use. Thanks for creating such great piece of software!" (anonymous user, Finland)

UMLServer 2.0 (Build 265)
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UMLServer is a companion product, which allows you to deploy UMLStudio in a collaborative team environment. Its features include:
  • Floating license server, which allows a limited number of UMLStudio licenses to be shared by a larger group of users.
  • Allows multiple users to concurrently work on the same project.
  • Provides a central, shared repository for storing UMLStudio projects.
  • Automatically version controls your UMLStudio projects.
  • Can be deployed as a Windows application or as a Windows service.

POMS 3.0 (Build 332)
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POMS is a complete solution for running an efficient project office. It provides a multi-user, collaborative environment for:
  • Creating and managing project plans, schedules, and financials.
  • Business requirements capture.
  • Recording and tracking of project issues (defects, change requests, enhancements).
  • Recording and tracking of project risks.
  • Creating project test plans as a collection of test cases, and recording test runs for each test case.
  • Creating user-customizable calendars for projects and staff.
  • Creating and submitting of timesheets for staff working on projects.
  • Automatic updating and rescheduling of project plans from submitted timesheets.
  • User customizable reporting across all the above.
  • Customizable security model.

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