Company Background

PragSoft Corporation was founded in 1996 with a clear and simple mission: to develop affordable productivity tools for software practitioners, especially in the area of object technology.

As developers, we come from a commercial software development background. In our previous roles, we’ve all had to work with tools from large software vendors, and we all share the same sort of disappointment and frustration with these tools: high cost, low quality, and limited usability. The only reason we’ve used them is that we were required by our previous employers to do so, not that we found them of any use!

In short, we found these tools hindering the very thing that they are supposed to improve -- our productivity. And that’s why we’re here.

We want to create tools that:

Our Approach

We take great pride in the way we develop software. While making a buck is something that we must take into consideration -- our existence depends on it -- it is not our primary motivation or goal. We say this, because almost everything we earn is invested back into developing our products.

This is contrary to the behavior of large software vendors. A quick glance at their budget invariably shows that sales and marketing are the biggest areas of expenditure, while R&D is often the lowest.

We’re not a marketing organization. We don’t have sales people knocking on doors. We don’t run expensive ad campaigns. We don’t resort to hyperbolic claims, or fancy packaging to lure people into buying our products. We rely purely on people’s judgement based on their experience with our products, and on word of mouth.

Against Bloatware

Think about what has happened to software over the past decade. While hardware performance continues to grow exponentially, software seems to be going backwards. Most software producers are busy creating larger and larger products, simply because their marketing people tell them that size sells.

The race to claim product ‘superiority’ by cramming more and more features into the next release has meant that focus has been shifting away from what really matters: usability.

Take a look at the recent releases of Microsoft Office, for example. Do we really need desktop applications that take hundreds of mega bytes each to install? We seem to have forgotten that not so long ago, the average application fitted in tens of kilo bytes. Sadly, many software houses are now trying to follow the Microsoft ‘lead’. Creating bloatware has become big business. What a waste of human talent!

We, at PragSoft, don’t subscribe to the bloatware model. Compare the size of our products to those of our competitors. While they’re busy filling their CD ROMs with things that will take up space on your PC’s hard drive and add zero value, we strive to make our products smaller, smarter, and easier to use.

Size matters not. Don’t accept bloatware.

Your Support

If you’re satisfied with our products, then your support will mean a lot to us. By simply recommending us to your colleagues and friends -- verbally or in relevant newsgroups -- you can give us greater exposure.

You can also help us in improving our products. If you find a bug or have ideas about features that we should be considering, please write to

We greatly appreciate your support.

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